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Narendra Modi full name is Narendra Damoderdas Modi. Narendra Modi birth date is 17th September, 1950. Presently his age is 65. He is from a small place called Vadnagar in Mehsana, North Gujurat, India. He belongs to the Bharatiya Janta Party. He is the Prime Minister of India after Manmohan Singh since May 26, 2014 and was the Chief Minister of Gujurat from 2001-2014.

Narendra Modi childhood facts are very hard to believe. He was not from a rich background and his family suffered a lot because of being marginalized. They lived in a small single storey house. He is the third child of the six children. Narendra Modi family consisted of his father Damodardas Mulchand Modi, mother Smt. Heeraben and siblings Soma Modi, Prahlad Modi, Pankaj Modi and Basantiben Hansmukhlal Modi. His father sold tea to earn income at his tea stall in the nearby railway station where Modi also helped him.

Narendra Modi education was not very high. He was admitted in a school in Vadnagar and it is said that he was just an average student but had brilliant qualities in debates and theatrical activities. Most of the time, he used to read in the library and was very much fond of swimming. He celebrated both Hindu and Muslim festivals as a child and dreamt of serving in army but his family couldn’t afford to send him to the Sainik school. Narendra Modi qualification is Masters in Political Science from Gujurat University.

He married in his childhood in 1968 but broke the marriage later on. Narendra Modi’s wife’s name is Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi.

At the age of eight, Narendra Modi political career started. He joined RSS while working at the tea stall owned by his father.  He worked hard and everyone in the circle of RSS knew him.intelligence brought Modi to be known in the circles of RSS. He had excellent organizing and manipulative skills. In 1991, he entered BJP. Narendra Modi was the one who organized the Ekta Yatra. He became a well-known political leader when he was made the commander of Gujarat in 2001. However, in 2002, controversies started after the communal riots of Gujarat. He won the elections of Gujarat for four consecutive times and no doubt, the way he won the General elections of 2014 can’t be forgotten.

Narendra Modi scholarships for students are getting famous day by day. Recently, he made announcement for scholarship schemes which are expected to benefit about 10,000 northeast students. Narendra Modi new scheme 2016- 2017 includes Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana which will provide women of Below Poverty Line, LPGs free of cost, Setu Bharatam Project to free national highways from railway crossings, scheme for raised pension for retired soldiers and Crop Insurance scheme.

Narendra Modi on Make In India, which is a slogan raised by him says that it is to create employment opportunities and to fulfill the demands of India and that the government will be focusing on renewable resources.  Narendra Modi speeches can be seen in his YouTube channel, which are very motivational.

Narendra Modi has started India 272+ which is an app which enables people to share latest updates through fb, twitter and whatsapp. It is available on the google play store.

Narendra Modi salary is 1,920,000.00 INR annually, 160,000.00 INR monthly, 36,923.00 INR weekly and 5,260.00 INR daily. Narendra Modi net worth stands at Rs 14 million.

In the past, Narendra Modi world tour schedule included Seychelles, Uzbekistan, Mauritius, Singapore, Mongolia, France, Germany, Canada, China, United States, South Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Tajikistan, United Kingdom, Turkey, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Narendra Modi biography would remain incomplete without contact details so here you go.

Narendra Modi office address is South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi- 110011, India.

Narendra Modi contact details: Office Phone. +91-11-23012312

Office fax. +91-11-23019545, 23016857

Narendra Modi e-mail address:

official website

Narendra Modi residence address: 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi

One can also contact him on

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