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1. Adwords - Greenhouse-Effect-Songs 'People (That Won't Back Down)' 1992 // BMI Music Nashville. Rock City Music.

Adwords - Greenhouse-Effect-Songs 'People (That Won't Back Down)' 1992 // BMI Music Nashville. Rock City Music.

231,196 Views - Youtube Video for Greenhouse Effect Classic Song "People (That Won't back Down)' and One of Clark Haggans favorite Songs by G.E. "It's very easy for G.e. to get alot of web traffic because we got such great material,....and it's so nice to see how we have influenced thousands of bands to get up off their asses and do things on the web by themselves, avoiding record Labels who are so corrupt." Greenhouse Effect have basically been the barometer for all other bands who have gone to the web as they have been pioneering cyberspace since about 2000 and 2001; "Since the days of 911, I have been here,...figuring out different ways to promote my music, the early days long ago, was all about bands like Red Delicious at and I really studied how they promoted themselves with the web,....then later, I got into the Reverse Engineers from Florida and I carefully watched how they hyped themselves all over the Net,....other bands were a big affect for me, got me moving,....those other bands really got me motivated." Says Haggans who blogs virtually every night; "I got nothing better to do,....I have few friends and rarely does anybody call me - it's just like 20 years ago all over again,.....but now recently suddenly, tons of people are emailing me and basically telling me how they love my music (And that how they have ALWAYS liked it??)(Laughs),....well, thats news to me" Says Haggins. "I guess when people see that one has stumbled upon success,..that they quickly get on the ol' bandwagon and quick - if ya know what I mean !! I think the funniest Fucking thing though by far concerning G.e. is how I do practically ALL of this shit and all by my lonesome self - Nobody ever offers me any help,...and Thank God; No advice either,...I guess they all think i know what I'm doing on here (Laughs) ,...I really don't,.....I'm stabbing in the dark Like everybody else,....I see how the Brian Jonestown Massacre has found Great success (Just like me) at Places like Vodpod." Haggans says that really little has technically changed since he last left music in November of 1992; "People Laughed at me and said that I was a joke then and I'm sure that they do now too as well,.....I'm not a popular person i guess in my ol' hometowns of Redondo Beach and Torrance Ca (The "South Bay"),....but I soon discovered when i moved to Carlsbad and Oceanside (North County San Diego) that I ain't a hit with people here either (Laughs),.....I've found that it seems that every where I go that everyone around me always puts on this impression at me that "They know more than me - and about EVERYTHING TOO" and that "I'm a little guy who doesn't know what he's doing,.....I guess they're all fuckin' geniuses ,..maybe I should listen to them,..(Laughs),.....I guess that they know more about music and being a rock star than i know.....And they all know More apparently about Swimming Pools too (Laughs)" Haggins says that a key main driving force behind his quest to always be at the top of the internet is that he remembers how people treated him back in the South Bay; "In the South Bay,...other bands - and douchebag people in general - would often 'show up' at my gigs, trying to 'disrupt' them ,..and thus there was always this 'attempt' by people there to make me look bad,, it was really fuckin' weird shit to go through,....and before I was ever in a band or giving out my tapes to people,.....I just remember the People in Torrance were like these real stuck up fucking Douchebags,...really nasty pointless Liberal people who have to try to smear others who have more talent and better ideas than they have,.....I had it real rough,...everyone picked on me and nobody took me serious,....and looking back now,...if one really took the time,..and 'knew' my type of musical and artistic talent,....I wasn't a guy to be treated like a schmuck at all,...I passed out my tapes to people,....and they often threw my music right into the trash can,.....and thats THE REALITY - IT'S A REAL TRAGEDY,...." HAGINS says that being a really short and skinny "little guy" did not help matters at all; "I always looked to Wayne Gretzky because he was rather smallish but he had big talent - i wanted to be like that." Haggans says that his Oppressive brother Doug was - unbeknownst to him at first - an apparent driving force in Haggins' musical ambitions early on; "I had something to prove,..and music was my thing,....the fact that I played and over-dubbed all of my own instruments i think was a key factor,...I became kind-of a narcisist megalomaniac ,....I wanted to do it all and I remember how the Sound Studio engineers were amazed - Yes,...I had to do it all,...and I knew that I could." Haggans says that he was probobly 'the least' popular member of his family growing up; "Today,....People all over the web and in many countries - they know about me,....they don't know who my family members are,....but there are people in my family with great artistic talent, Dad and My sister Kathy who Both have passed away,....if I can ever make it to Tv fame or Get on Fox News (Fuck CNN),....I hope I can expose my Dad's great writings and My Sister's Great paintings,.... Me ?? I just love to write now,... my musical days are over,....but I have seen the way that I have influenced people all over the net with blogging,.....People want to be Like me,....I can't ask for much more than that."