Drew Barrymore Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Husband

Drew Barrymore Biography

Drew Barrymore Age -42 ( 2017 )

Drew Barrymore Eye Color -Green

Drew Barrymore Biography
Drew Barrymore Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Drew Barrymore Eye Color -Green

Drew Barrymore Biography, Wiki

Drew Blythe Barrymore, better known as Drew Barrymore, is a well-known Hollywood actress. She has tried her hands in the Direction, Production, Modeling and authorship areas as well. Drew is a 1975 born multitalented blonde celebrity. She is a Californian beauty acquiring astonishing creative skills that are still holding her feet in the industry. She has seen the apex of stardom and has managed to win millions of hearts through her wonderful performances.

Drew Barrymore Personal Life

Drew is the flesh and blood of the talented and famous Barrymore family and she has carried her ancestor’s grand legacy efficiently. She is a proud momma of two adorable kids. Though her life is well-settled right now, her past had lots if zigzag graphs. Most of the times, she proved that she was not at all a bee’s knees. Various controversies remained stuck with the gorgeous celebrity in the past. She was once addicted to drugs and hardcore party lifestyle. Like many successful celebrities, she too faced the aftereffects of being a celebrity. Her suicide attempt and two divorces unveil the dark side of her personal life. Her marital life was not that much successful but she came out as a responsible and caring mother. She is an amiable and open-minded person who doesn’t get a second thought before uttering on the controversial stuffs. She has been once listed among the most beautiful women in the world. Drew is pretty sincere towards her career and never fails to give her best. Lots of exciting movie and other projects are still in her court.

Drew Barrymore Career

The fascination towards the entertainment industry was obvious for Drew. Her great-grandparents created the environment of acting in their family for the first time and the journey was continued and accompanied by Drew’s grandparents and then her parents. She started her commercial acting career at very early age. A creative Ad knocked her door when she was just 11, and she beautifully justified the project and took the first step towards the gleamy and giant film industry – Hollywood. Altered States was her first debut feature film that contributed an extremely talented diva to Hollywood. She was a part of a myriad of films of different genres. With time, she proved that she could bring smiles to the faces in the same manner as she could spice up the ambiance with her bold characters. Poison Ivy was one of the most memorable milestones in Drew’s career that flaunted a completely different image of her and won the trust of her audiences as well as the critics. She has acted in plenty of commercially blockbuster films. Some of the prestigious awards that Drew has bagged in her so far career include – Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Golden Apple Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame, MTV Movie Awards and Young Artist Awards etc. She is best known for 2000 released Charlie’s Angels. The other films that elevated her standards as an actress include –
Cat’s Eye
Far from Home
No Place to Hide
Bad Girls
Batman Forever
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Drew Barrymore Photos

Drew Barrymore Biography
Drew Barrymore Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Drew Barrymore Eye Color -Green
Drew Barrymore Biography
Drew Barrymore Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Husband, Drew Barrymore Eye Color -Green

Drew Barrymore Profile

Drew Barrymore Born – Culver City, California US

Drew Barrymore Date of Birth – 22 February 1975 ( Happy Birthday )

Drew Barrymore Age – 42

Drew Barrymore Husband Name – Will Kopelman 

Drew Barrymore Figure -37-27-35

Drew Barrymore Height – 5.4 Feet

Drew Barrymore Bra Size -34C

Drew Barrymore Family – John Drew Barrymore(Father), John Drew Barrymore(Mother), John Blyth Barrymore ( Brother). 

Drew Barrymore Eyes Color -Green

Drew Barrymore Hair Color -Light Brown 

Drew Barrymore Occupation – Actress, Model, Author, Director 

Drew Barrymore Boyfriend Name – Will Kopelman 

Drew Barrymore Nationality – American 

Drew Barrymore Net Worth  -$125 Million 


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