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1. My dreamed up Himalayan Fantasy - Mt Everest

  • Published: 2015-11-23T02:48:15+00:00
  • Duration: 371
  • By Miro Kantarsky
My dreamed up Himalayan Fantasy - Mt Everest

FSX video with Franks Dainese Mt Everests scenery Written narrated by Miro Kantarsky

2. THUNDER ABOVE THE DESERT Kevin Mee & Miro Kantarsky video

  • Published: 2010-06-14T01:48:00+00:00
  • Duration: 460
  • By Miro Kantarsky
THUNDER ABOVE THE DESERT Kevin Mee & Miro Kantarsky video

Bi- Annual AVEX AIRSHOW in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt A first segment of the airshow video

3. Khamsins USS Nimitz re-edit

  • Published: 2011-06-09T16:11:06+00:00
  • Duration: 148
  • By Kevin Mee
Khamsins USS Nimitz re-edit

With the help of the master Miro Kantarsky, this is a much improved edit of my original video.

4. Blue PLanet

  • Published: 2011-04-02T12:19:47+00:00
  • Duration: 614
  • By Miro Kantarsky
Blue PLanet

This are my views and hopefully of many others A cycle of everyday life starts with the first rays of the morning sun. We are so used to this every day routine, that we hardly pay any attention to it as if nothing could change it. We are so wrapped up in in our technology filled world, that we ignore the singing of the little bird sitting on the branch. We push the little keys to avoid talking. We are sending sensless messages through the air. Are we going to become mute creatures? What is in store for this beautiful BLUE PLANET our home? Miro Kantarsky My appreciation to poet Lina Ru and photographer Pier Bedard for their awesome work on this film. My admiration to Lina for her ability to interpret my thoughts so eloquently. To Pier for his talent to capture the beauty of the nature. The beauty beyond description.

5. Kráľova hoľa (Kings mountain)

  • Published: 2017-07-22T18:53:15+00:00
  • Duration: 164
  • By Juraj Jedinak
Kráľova hoľa (Kings mountain)

Kráľova hoľa je najvyššie miesto na Slovensku, kam sa dá ísť na bicykli. Štart je v Červenej skale v nadmorskej výške 785 metrov a cieľ na vrchole má výšku 1946 metrov, prekonáte tak 1161 výškových metrov. Je to nádherná trasa, je to veľká výzva, ale ten pocit na vrchole je úžasný. Týmto videom zároveň pozdravujeme Mira Kantárskeho. Kings mountain ist the highest point of Slovakia you can cycling. Start point Červená skala is 785 meters and peak is 1946 meters. Elevation is 1161 meters. Its very nice place, big challenge and the feeling on the top is great. Special regards to MIro Kantarsky.

6. The history of future Miro Kantarsky

  • Published: 2017-02-03T04:14:13+00:00
  • Duration: 635
  • By Miro Kantarsky