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1. Tom Clark - Stone Carver

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  • Duration: 230
  • By Artisan Media
Tom Clark - Stone Carver

Tom Clark trained as a monumental mason and then an ecclesiastical mason. He's developed his own distinctive, naive style over the years and now takes on commissioned work as well as teaching at his studio in Somerset, England. Useful Links:

2. Stone, Tom

Stone, Tom

Finding lost brother motivated soldier to enlist By Wilson Ring Associated Press MONTPELIER, Vt. — John Thomas Stone was a junior in high school when his older brother Dana, a freelance photographer, disappeared in Cambodia along with Sean Flynn, the son of the actor Errol Flynn. Tom Stone joined the Army in 1971 shortly after he graduated from Woodstock High School, motivated at least in part by a desire to learn what had happened to his brother. On Wednesday, Stone, still a soldier 35 years later but now in the Vermont National Guard, was killed in combat in Afghanistan. “He had it in his mind he might go and try to find his brother,” when he enlisted, said Elisha Morgan, now of Norwich, who played football with Stone in high school. Dana Stone was listed as missing in action for years and was eventually listed as dead. But Tom Stone never lost the sense of adventure the military imbued in him or his desire to help those around him. Sgt. 1st Class Stone, 52, was killed by small arms fire in Afghanistan Tuesday afternoon, Vermont time, while he was helping Afghan soldiers repel an attack on their forward operating base in the southern part of the country. “He was the best friend anyone could have, anybody,” Morgan said. “I know when he was shot he was helping others. That’s all he did. He never cared about financial gain. He did it out of love for humanity.” Over the years Stone served in the regular Army, the reserves and the Vermont National Guard. Between 1992 and 2000 he walked around the world, literally, 22,000 miles through 29 countries. Stone was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Vermont National Guard when he was killed. Guard officials and Stone’s friends remember a man who dedicated himself to others. During his earlier Afghan tours, Stone, a trained medic, set up a clinic for Afghan civilians in a shipping container. It served thousands of people. It was in a similarly foreign land that Stone lost his brother. On April 6, 1970, Dana Stone was on assignment for CBS News and Flynn for Time Magazine. They had ridden into the Cambodian countryside on motorbikes when they were captured by communist guerrillas. They were never heard from again. At the end of the Vietnam War American officials pressed the North Vietnamese for an accounting of Dana Stone, Flynn, and a number of other missing journalists. No answer was ever forthcoming. Dana Stone’s widow, Louise, who died in 2000, was told her husband and Flynn were probably tortured to death. Tom Stone’s cousin Sally Britton told the Vermont Standard newspaper from Woodstock in 1997 that her cousin’s adventurous spirit was in his blood. “I remember when we were kids, Dana would tell us stories of his adventures and Tom would just sit there, wide-eyed, taking in every word,” Britton said. Laurie Schultz Heim, a staffer for Sen. James Jeffords, said she worked with Tom Stone as he tried to get answers about what happened to his brother. Stone told Jeffords’ staff that his family, and especially his mother, needed closure. In 1987, Jeffords, then Vermont’s lone representative in the U.S. House, read a statement about Dana Stone on the floor of Congress. “He drifted in and out of our radar screen, always with an unusual and poignant sense about him,” said Schultz Heim, who communicated with Stone occasionally as he walked around the world. “Not only did he do this trip in part searching for his brother, I think he was always searching for what he wanted to do. Clearly he was definitely looking for meaning in life,” she said. Morgan said Stone’s favorite poem was “The Men that don’t Fit In,” a 1916 work by Robert Service. The poem talks about men who can’t stay in one place and who break the hearts of their family members. “He was a man’s man,” Morgan said. “If he could have written he would have been an Ernest Hemingway.” Stone never married but he left a life partner, Rose Loving of Tunbridge, and a sister in Florida. Vermont Administration Secretary Michael Smith graduated from high school with Stone and Morgan. Smith joined the Navy after high school and went on to become a Navy Seal commando. Smith said he practiced for his Navy swimming test in the Stones’ family pond in Pomfret. “He was an individual, even though he was military. His motivation was always to help people in need, particularly kids,” said Smith. “I used to sit back and say he had it right. He had that sense of the world that ‘I need to help.’ He was an adventurer and he sought people out and tried to help them.” Vermont guardsman killed in Taliban attack By Wilson Ring Associated Press COLCHESTER, Vt. — A Vermont National Guard soldier serving on a base with Afghan soldiers in the southern part of the country was killed Wednesday during an attack by Taliban militants, Guard officials announced. Sgt. 1st Class John Thomas Stone, 52, of Tunbridge, who was known as Thomas, was killed by small arms fire, said Gen. Martha Rainville, commander of the Vermont Guard. Stone was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, she said, and was attached to Task Force Catamount. “He felt he was making a difference,” Rainville said. “He cared very much about others in the world.” Also killed in the attack was a Canadian soldier, identified as Pvt. Robert Costall of the 1st Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Stone was unmarried but left a longtime partner, Rose Loving of Tunbridge, Rainville said. He had no children but a sister lives in Florida. Stone joined the Army after his graduation from Woodstock Union High School in 1971 and has served in the active duty Army, the Reserves or the National Guard since, officials said. He has worked full-time for the Vermont Guard since 2000. The attack took place early in the morning Wednesday in Afghanistan, which was still Tuesday afternoon in Vermont. He was assigned to train Afghan troops and was directing the soldiers when he was shot, Rainville said. He was wearing full body armor at the time. Officials in Afghanistan said at least five coalition troops were wounded in the same attack, including three Canadians and an American. A small contingent of Canadian and American forces serve alongside Afghan troops at the base in the Sangin district of the volatile Helmand province. Stone’s death brought to 223 the number of U.S. service members killed in and around Afghanistan since the ouster of the Taliban in 2001. Twelve Canadians have been killed in the turbulent country since 2002, according to the Canadian Press news agency. Stone was the first Vermonter killed in Afghanistan and the 11th National Guard member killed in combat since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. Twenty-one U.S. service members with Vermont ties have been killed in action in Iraq. A 22nd soldier died of natural causes in Kuwait while waiting to enter Iraq. Vermont National Guard Capt. Jeff Roosevelt served in Afghanistan two years ago during Stone’s previous deployment. “He always had a positive attitude, always looked at the bright sides of things,” Roosevelt said after Rainville’s news conference at Vermont National Guard headquarters in Colchester. Stone, who was trained as a medic and known as “Doc,” set up medical clinics for the Afghans that Roosevelt said probably saved hundreds of civilian lives. Rainville, who is preparing to leave her post on Friday to run for Congress, said it had been a demanding time for the Guard. “This continues to be just a difficult time for the National Guard and the state,” she said. “Each loss just affects so many people.”

3. Stone Carver - Tom Clark

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  • Duration: 113
  • By Artisan Media
Stone Carver - Tom Clark

In this short film, shot at the European Woodworking Show, Tom explains about his job which he has been doing "all my life". "I'm doing what I want to do everyday now, which is important to me. I'd certainly recommend people to do it as an occupation". Useful Links: (for more films) (Tom's website)

4. Boy Beneath The Stone | Tom Baxter

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  • Duration: 204
  • By Tom Baxter

5. The Expedition Tom Stone

The Expedition Tom Stone

“The Expedition” introduces the world we live in as being very dangerous indeed. The College Road Campus of Staffordshire University is confronted by the extremes of the Antarctic winter in a performance which surveys the site in detail. Survival tactics will take you over hidden crevasses, help you traverse shifting ice fields and help to save a vital last gasp of air.

6. Hawaii Rooted: Tom Pohaku Stone

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  • Duration: 147
  • By mvnp

7. Targasonne - Secteur Tom´s stone

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  • Duration: 259
  • By or'aile
Targasonne - Secteur Tom´s stone

Découverte du nouveau secteur (et de ma nouvelle caméra :) )avec quelques images de lignes sympathiques! Secteur agréable avec un potentiel certain et de belles perles... Pensez au strap car le granit est grossier et bien abrasif !! Big up aux brosseurs ;)

8. Tom Stone

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  • Duration: 223
  • By Art LA

9. Pōhaku


"Fire releases the spirit. Water cleanses it." - Pōhaku Oahu native Tom Pōhaku Stone shares the journey that led him to revive the ancient Hawaiian tradition of hand-shaping surfboards from wood. To contact Pōhaku about his artwork, email: Client: Hawaii Tourism USA Agency: MVNP Creative Director: Vince Soliven Agency Producer: Jenni Katinsky Director: Bradley Tangonan Producer: Darrin Kaneshiro Cinematographer: Jeremy Snell Camera Assistant: Anthony Vallejo-Sanderson Steadicam Operator: Abraham Williams Gaffer: Keoki Smith Sound Recordist: Prahlad Strickland Editors: Nick Stone and Bradley Tangonan Composer: Jordain Wallace Sound Mixer: Chris Schneider Color: Kath Raisch of Company 3


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  • Duration: 522
  • By Spindle

Distance Over Time follows the truly inspirational story of James Golding, a man who has beaten incredible odds to achieve extraordinary things. From weighing 6 stone and being too weak to walk 5 years ago to taking on one of the most savage cycling records ever undertaken, Spindle Productions followed James’ remarkable journey. Director/Camera - Greg Hackett Producer - Dickon Ireland Editor - Tim Swaby Second Camera/Sound - Tristan Holden Composer - Tom Day Colour Grade - Mark Meadows at Smoke and Mirrors Production Company - Spindle Productions

11. Animaniacs Theme Song by Richard Stone and Tom Ruegger - Original + Boogie Woogie

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  • Duration: 201
  • By Foundring
Animaniacs Theme Song by Richard Stone and Tom Ruegger - Original + Boogie Woogie

To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the Animaniacs, here's my boogie-woogie version of the theme song.

12. How Many?

How Many?

The first in a series, looking into the minds of a select few that go unnoticed. How many, looks at one of the UK's most influential rollerbladers Leon Humphries who provides insight into a reoccurring dream he has that brings him and other skaters together. Creative: Contrast Collective Director / Phantom Miro Operator: Sim Warren 1st AD / Producer: Mia Xerri Executive Producer: Pete Shuttleworth Voice over: Leon Humphries B Camera / FS700: Ed Inglis Camera Assistants: Diogo Atadini & Tom Sharman BTS Photography: Andrew Pearce To follow the series and find out more about The Contrast Collective Phantom Camera Hire: A huge thank you to all the rollerbladers involved. Twitter: @TheCCFilmMake Facebook: Instagram: Music: Forest Swords - Thor's Stone -

13. Josh Homme (QOTSA)

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  • Duration: 129
  • By tom oxley
Josh Homme (QOTSA)

Josh Homme from Queens of The Stone Age Shot in Paris, on an NME cover shoot. ©Tom Oxley

14. Best Of 2011 | By Kurt Teague

Best Of 2011 | By Kurt Teague Best Of 2011 - By Kurt Teague. A selection of my favorite clips from 2011. Bring on 2012, enjoy! Riders In Order Of Appearance: Jesse Goodwin, Nick Harris, Dylan Bale, Kurt Teague (Myself), Sam Troon, Tom Vadala, Jack McIver, Boedan Nelson, Adam Stone, Ash Conry, Ned Bailey and Josh Turner. Filmed: - Canon 550D - Canon Kit Lens' - Samyang 8mm Fisheye - Rode VideoMic - Vanguard Tripod Edited: Adobe Premiere CS5 Additional Filming: Tom Vadala + Tom Brown Song: The Jezabels - Trycolour A Kurt Teague Production

15. Maisons du Monde "Create Your World"

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  • Duration: 62
  • By Los Perez
Maisons du Monde

Film Production: Blink Director: Los Pérez Producer: Paula Garr Production Manager: Ellie Britton Executive Producer: Ben Sharpe Creative Agency: George & Dragon Creative Directors: Ravi Beeharry / Andy Mancuso Account Director: Claire Stone TV Producer: Gemma Hall Agency Exec Producer: Dave Graham Cinematography: Pau Castejón Production Design: Grzegorz Piątkowski Editor: Max Windows @ Stitch Post Production: @ Absolute Post Colourist: Matt Turner Sound Design: Tom Heddy @ Wave Composer: Julian Alexander / Manlio Guidetti @ Major Tom Production Service Company: Papaya Films Girl: Bella Luan Brother: Archie Yates

16. Surf's Up: Pōhaku - NOWNESS

  • Published: 2018-02-06T10:52:37+00:00
  • Duration: 176
Surf's Up: Pōhaku - NOWNESS

Previous NOWNESS contributor Bradley Tangonan, a Hawaiian-born director and producer, presents this thoughtful new film taken from an ongoing series exploring native Hawaiian culture, craftsmanship, and the spiritual energy (or 'mana') of raw materials. Telling the story of a single, traditional craftsman—Tom Pōhaku Stone—and their journey to hone a wood-carved surfboard, Tanognan's film rides the waves of life, spirituality, and landscape.

17. Board Stories: Tom “Pohaku” Stone's Board of The Gods

  • Published: 2015-05-19T17:11:14+00:00
  • Duration: 379
  • By See Food
Board Stories: Tom “Pohaku” Stone's Board of The Gods

The final episode of Board Stories focuses on Tom Stone and the traditional surfboard he hand-carves from native Hawaiian wood. Tom is a true Hawaiian waterman: professional surfer in the 1970s, Pipeline pioneer, Surfer magazine cover star, former windsurfing champion and North Shore lifeguard. But once he heard the old call, he turned academic and educator, completing three Masters Degrees in Polynesian Studies and becoming a professor at the University of Hawaii. “I went back to what I had learned from my Dad and started carving boards,’’ says Tom in this episode. “I wanted to know if some things were fallacies in the surfing world. How much had been made up and what part of our known history was the truth or not.” He does this by re-creating the ancient surfboard making traditions and then simply doing what he loves; going surfing. This episode follows not just the history of the boards he makes, but of the very origins of surfing itself.

18. Missing In Action - Ep I - Introduction

Missing In Action - Ep I - Introduction

Missing In Action Episode I Shot: Logan & Brodie Miatke Edited: Brodie Miatke Compilation of some of our best footage from both past and present to kick off the start of our online series. Featuring: Tom Rigby, Drew Innocend, Mitch Rawlins, Lachlan Cramsie, Sam Proctor, Vaughan Hoekman, Callum Van Akkeren, Joey Orme, Dougy Smith, Jono Bruce, Michael Novy, Jake Stone, Scott Rigby and many more... A big thanks to Pat from Enough Threads for the support.

19. South Coast Heli Shoot // Eyes in the Sky Visuals

South Coast Heli Shoot // Eyes in the Sky Visuals

South Coast Heli Shoot // Eyes in the Sky Visuals Featuring - Nick Gornall, Jake Stone, Tom rigby, Glen Thurston, MOZ, Griz, Ryan Sewell, Zach Self, Roger Pardoe and a few more Presented by Riptide Bodyboarding mag Instagram: @eyesintheskyvisuals

20. MEXICO Trailer

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  • Duration: 64
  • By Will Hodgett
MEXICO Trailer

A side project while shooting Tom Rigby's section for 'The 8' in Mexico Coming in October, a free online short film following Jason Finlay and Nick Gornall in a 3 week trip around Mexico Also featuring Jake Stone and Mark McCarthy Stay updated on the progress of 'THE 8' at PRESENTED BY: NMD // STEALTH // VS THE 8